The heavy wooden door groans closed behind you, and as you step into the antechamber, your gaze wanders over a gargantuan antique desk piled high with tomes and papers. The stacks stretch off into the distance, interspersed with comfy chairs, dim lights, and tables for spreading whatever treasures you may find upon the shelves.

Upon closer inspection, you notice a sign on the antechamber desk:

The Librarian specializes in recommendations for adult science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as discussions about the craft of writing. Occasional smatterings of romance, cozy mysteries, YA, history, and biographies.

(Beware the cat, it has many secrets and doesn’t suffer fools gladly)


Fewer cursed books than in other fantastical libraries.

Local peasant

My apprentice wandered into a portal to the nether dimension in the magic section, and the librarian was most helpful in returning his remains. Even put ’em in a nice box with an apology note. Would recommend to friends.

High Wizard

The librarian wouldn’t sleep with me and she was pretty rude about it. But she said she’d put a curse on me if I left a negative review so now I have to say something nice. Guess I won’t mention that the wench should do something with that wild mane of hair, or that she really should smile more. Hey, what’s that moving around in that dark cor–

Heroic adventurer

Let’s build something together.

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